Alfabetização Cultural

Alfabetização Cultural

A luta íntima por uma nova humanidade by Dan Baron

Alfarrabio, 2004 (700 photos, pp432)

Alfabetização CulturalCultural Literacy: the intimate struggle for a new humanity contains an introduction of 80 short stories and poems on the evolution of this pedagogy, essays, 7 case studies, and a practical guide for building project. It is not yet available as a published translation, but has been translated by the author into English, and is available on request.

If you would like access to this material which defines the origins of cultural literacy, collaborations within educational and excluded communities in Manchester (1984-89) and Derry (North of Ireland: 1988-94), and with University, Landless Movement and Indigenous communities within Brazil (1988-2006), or wish to buy a copy of the Brazilian publication, please write to:

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