Dan Baron Cohen
international projects

Dan has collaborated with social movements, marginalised communities and universities since 1977. He graduated in literature and educational theatre from Oxford University before collaborating with Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Edward Bond in England (1980-84), excluded communities in Northern England, North of Ireland and South Wales (1984-97). In 1998, he came to Brazil from Wales to build a university research colaboration in community theatre. His work with the Landless and Indigenous Movements inspired him to leave Wales in 2000 to live and work in Brazil. read more

Dan has published plays and books. He is President of IDEA(International Drama/Theatre & Education Association), Coordinator of the World Alliance for Arts Education, and contributes to the International Committee of the World Social Forum.

Manoela Souza
national projects 

Mano colaborates with educators, civil entities, NGOs and Brazilian social movements. She graduated in Theatre Arts in UDESC in Florianópolis, 2000. She has worked with Dan first as participant in 1998, and then as coordinator, since 2000. In 2003, she began research with women prisoners in England into how to renew and release the imprisoned body, the emerging focus of her contribution to cultural literacy.

Mano has jointly published with Dan Baron, is a founder-Coordinator of ABRA (the Brazilian Association of Arteducators), and co-Director of the IDEA 2010 world congress which will be hosted in Brazil.

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