The Transformance Institute has grown out of intercultural education collaborations which began in 1998 between Dan Baron and Manoela Souza with visionary activists from the Landless, Indigenous and Trade Union Movements, and from schools and universities. In 2005, the afro-brazilian art-educator, Reinaldo Reis, joined the Institute’s coordination. We are united by our commitment to the application of artistic languages as pedagogic tools for personal and social transformation and artistic/cultural action. 

The Trial of Dedan Kimanthi, London, 1984

The Institute’s guiding pedagogy of cultural literacy draws on methods developed during various sustained collaborations with frontline communities in the quest for peace and justice in Northern England, the North of Ireland and South Wales, and through dialogues with drama-educators and cultural activists in Kenya, Southern Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Inspired by the ideas of Paulo Freire (Brazil), theatre educationalists Edward Bond (England) Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (Kenya) and Augusto Boal (Brazil), and by the practices of innumerable unpublished activists, this pedagogy is in permanent movement!

Since 2001, Dan Baron and Manoela Souza’s cultural literacy and transformance techniques have grown through workshops across Brazil and, since 2003, collaborations in Norway, Finland, England, Croatia, France, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

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